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           Two of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves are love and forgiveness.  We go through life granting these gifts to others, yet fail to do so for ourselves.  These are paramount for our souls to flourish and must be incorporated into our daily lives.  By doing so, we invite the gifts of peace, acceptance, fulfillment and the love of our Savior to occupy our souls. This in turn builds a deep reservoir that we can draw from in our times of need and service to others. When we love ourselves, the world seems to change for the better…not necessarily because circumstances have changed, but because our perspectives have changed.  We change our lens so to speak.

Imagine a time in your lives, when hope was lost, struggles ensued and you were shaming yourself.  How did you view the event(s)?  How did you view yourself?  How did you view others?  Did you feel powerless or powerful?  Now, contrast that image with a time in your lives when you operated from a place of total love for yourself and others.  Did this feel and look different?  Absolutely!  This is the place where our souls feel the most alive, are the most receptive, and offer our best selves.  Imperfections and missteps are our friends!  They give us the chance to practice loving and forgiving ourselves in addition to so much more.  We all deserve to be loved and forgiven and in turn give love and forgiveness.  This process is a never ending round that brings beauty, refinement, transcendence, peace, and joy.

I have lived on the other side of this coin many years ago, yet I can vividly recall.  I had experienced things that left me feeling damaged, worthless, and shameful.  I internalized these events and turned the bitterness and hurt towards myself.  These were some dark days filled with self-defeating behaviors.  In fact, I was so blind to this concept, I didn’t even realize that I was being held for ransom by a lack of self-love and self-forgiveness.  Time, the love of others, and the mercy of our Heavenly Father revealed this truth to me and I began to diligently work on myself.  I began to apply the Atonement in a way I had never before thought possible or necessary. I began to pour over self-help books and inspirational books.  I began to alter my mindset in a drastic way.  I am deeply grateful for this knowledge and the opportunity to love myself, forgive myself, and then grant the same to others.  These two gifts have brought countless blessings into my life along with personal freedom.

I promise, personal inner work is well worth the effort and time.  “It is in freeing ourselves to be present and genuine in life that we find trust and confidence in ourselves, that we grow and master and realize our highest selves, that we find authentic joy in our interactions and experiences in the world, that we feel motivated and liberated.”  (Brendon Bruchard)  Connect to something greater than yourself—whether that’s God, the Universe, nature, or something else.  You will blossom, grow, change, overcome, and be filled with a pure love for oneself and others.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Choose to love yourself!  Choose to forgive yourself! Abundance, blessings, and beauty await. 

God bless and love to all!     
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I recently went hiking with a dear friend of mine up one of our canyons.  We had left the base of the mountain in the early evening with no destination planned.  We had multiple options and knew we’d decide as we pressed on.  The first part of the hike was fairly easy and we climbed it quickly.  When we reached the top, we had three options: proceed straight ahead and enjoy a beautiful lake, turn right and head into lower trails, or head left and keep climbing higher.  We chose to turn left and proceed higher and deeper into the mountain.  This was my first time hiking in this area, so I had absolutely no expectations or awareness of what I had committed to.  Luckily, my friend was very familiar with the area, the dangers, the time we had left in relation to the sun, where to stop and drink fresh water, and an approximation of the total hours (which was not mentioned to me).  We joyfully began our climb…thoroughly enjoying the warm sun upon our backs, an intellectually stimulating conversation, sightings of a few deer, beautiful birds, vibrant wildflowers, and the sound of rushing water.  The area was green, full of life and peaceful.  The trail was narrow and as we hiked further in, the light dimmed, people were few, and it became very steep and rocky.  I made it through the first tough passage and thought to myself, “Great, this will get easier.”  As we neared what I thought was the top and a new transition, only opened into another steep incline riddled with big rocks and, this time, I couldn’t see the end.   I thought to myself as I began to climb, “Okay, I can do this.  Keep climbing.  It will surely get easier.”  Well, as you can imagine, it didn’t ever get easier.  In fact, with each section it became more difficult.  We were two hours into the hike now and our destination was still out of sight.  I had to stop and rest a few times and as I did, three men were approaching from above.  They stopped and said to me, “This is a tough hike.  Remember, slow and steady.  Slow and steady.”  I gathered a glimmer of hope and some much needed mental strength from them in addition to a few others we passed who offered warnings about the slippery conditions up ahead.  I was grateful they passed.  My friend reassured me multiple times we were getting closer, that I was doing great, and the effort would be well worth the reward.  I clung to those words as I had begun to doubt my strength.  I realized it was best to not keep searching for the end of the trail and just keep my head down and stay focused on climbing the rocks.  The steepness and the rockiness never subsided, yet we were determined to make it to the nearest waterfall.  We were racing against the setting of the sun and time.  Finally, just when I was about to give up, I could hear the powerful waterfall in the distance to our left.  We made our way up the last set of boulders, crossed a stream and began a steep decline towards the sound of the water.  We clung to the trees as we made our way down to the falls.  It was very wet, muddy and slippery.  We made it!  Right in front of us was a magnificent waterfall…full of power, grace, and beauty.  We felt the cold mist spray upon our bodies.  A rush of gratitude and exhilaration filled my entire being.  I closed my eyes, held out my arms, and allowed myself to completely experience the moment.  My friend turned to me and said, “I knew you could do it.  Wasn’t that worth the effort?”  My friend was right; the reward was well worth the difficult climb.

This is a beautiful illustration of life.  As we journey along our path, we travel down unknown roads and encounter multiple challenges that test our strength in every way.  Yet, tender mercies and beautiful gifts are also granted along that same path.  It is our responsibility to notice them and to be grateful.  Here are a few more reminders from this experience:

Faith and Belief in oneself is vital
Be grateful for those who cross your path…especially the encouragers
Slow, Steady, and do not quit
Choose your thoughts wisely
We do not struggle alone
We are here to help one another
We gain hope and strength from one another
Hope will always come…it’s just a matter of time
Experience the NOW—this is where the true joy of living resides
When doubt strikes, listen and trust those who love you           
Listen to the wisdom of those who’ve already made the trek
Notice the small and simple things that bring us joy and hope
Pay attention to the signs
Listen with your heart to what the experience is trying to teach you
Every experience holds a lesson
Don’t get so focused on the final destination that you fail to recognize the beauty along the way

God bless and love to all!     
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It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.